Frequently Asked Questions


If your question is not answered below, then please drop me an email and ask.

 01  I'm not a UK business can you still help me?

I work across different time zones and have clients across the US and Canada. I also cross over to Australia, don't feel limited by time differences, I am here to help you and will work with you to find the best times for both of us.




 02  What happens after I have completed your business coaching programme?

When you work with me you will have access to continual support and advice. My coaching programme is a continual professional development framework which not only gives you the tools but the 'how' to use those tools for yourself and your business.

 03  I can't afford to pay in full, can I pay in installments?​

I feel very strongly that no person needs to feel limited to what they can achieve due to financial constraints. I am happy to discuss a payment plan which suits you. I will never push anyone to undertake a course/coaching with me that may put them in financial difficulty.

 04  How soon will I see results?

There isn't a definitive time scale for any person to see the fruits of their labour. Every step you take to further your learning and development is one more step in the right direction. You need to be ready to 'apply' the principles you will learn and at the start of your coaching with me, we will discuss what 'results' means for you and your business as this is not the same for everyone.



 05  Can I change my mind?

There is a 14 day cooling off period following your onboarding which requires you to sign a legally binding contract for terms of business and coaching services provided.