• Tricia Chambers

What Does Your Personal Brand Imagery Say About You?

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

A Branding photo shoot forms an integral part of your brand. After all, you are the person behind your brand.

Our brains are wired for visual processing and respond positively to real photos over stock photos.

Colour also plays an important part in invoking feelings and emotions Personal within our audience/ideal client.

It is vital when thinking about rebranding or creating your Personal Brand, you consider the importance of your personal branding photoshoot and invest in a professional who will work with you and align yourself with your brand visually.

One of my clients, Sarah, first approached me regarding styling for photos for her new website. The purpose being to help promote an additional arm to her current profession. We had a great discussion and it became clear that her message differed somewhat to her main corporate profession.

After chatting with Sarah, we focused on key words relating to her additional service. Which is primarily aimed at dispute resolution within the corporate/commercial industry.

This furnished me with a clearer brief to work with when researching the range of headshot styles, colour of outfits for Sarah to wear, that will convey her core message to her audience visually. Whilst maintaining a business edge but still meaning approachable, professional and the ability to establish rapport with her business clients as well as employees in an office.

I included a ‘personal’ element to Sarah’s shoot, I think it is important to know the person behind the brand. It brings forth a human element which adds further value to your branding shoot. Giving you the ability to use those images for a personal Bio or additional promotional material.

You will benefit even more from your investment and gain longevity, as you will be able to use the images for a longer period of time. They will maintain a freshness across all your media platforms even 12 to 18 months later.

I manage the whole process for you from start to finish and relieve some of the stress of the organisation and preparation involved when embarking on a Personal Branding shoot.

I work alongside an amazing group of photographers, highly sought after and experienced in their field. Part of my service is filling you with confidence, knowing you are in professional and experienced hands.

Any feedback, comments or questions – please feel free to drop me a message.

Love Tricia x

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