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Is Your Business Suffering Because You Are Not Meeting it's Basic Needs?

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Apply my small business basics principles to see if you are.

Have you heard of Maslow's hierarchy of needs and how this is super important for your business growth?

Abraham Maslow's paper 'A Theory of Human Motivation' in 1943 first introduced 'Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs'. It's based on the principle that human motivation is based on the pursuit of different levels of needs.

➡️ Physiological

➡️ Safety

➡️ Social Connection

➡️ Esteem/Ego

➡️ Self Actualisation / Self Fulfillment

Since then Maslow's principle is still applied in business as a framework for building and creating nurturing environments aiming for the top of the pyramid.

⭐ How to apply to YOUR business

✅ BASICS - Get the basics in place for your business. Your business plan/Strategy/Finance/Marketing. Tackle the FREE stuff first; i.e Optimise your Google Listing, LinkedIn page/All socials. Ensure your website links are all connected etc (I can help you with this!)

✅ STRATEGY - Gives you a levels of 'Safety' it is the structure you NEED to remain focused in order to move forward or you will be 'spraying and praying!'.

✅ COMMUNITY- This is where the 'Social' aspect is related to a humans basic psychological need for a sense of belonging. Build YOUR community.

✅ SOCIAL PROOF - Maslow's 'self esteem/Ego' is directly related to the human need for recognition and acceptance. Get Testimonials in.

✅SELF ACTUALISATION - Self Fulfillment = the TOP of the pyramid. What does THIS look like for YOU as a business owner?

These basic principles of human needs overlap but the premise is still the same. To continue to the top, you need to start at the bottom and fulfill YOUR basic business needs first.

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Love Tricia x

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